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Lois Grasso, founder OxyGenesis Institute

Lois Grasso

Founding Director, OxyGenesis Institute
and Holistic Travel Adventures

The Evolving Conscious Health Community Cruise 2013 was the 8th Annual “Transformational Vacational” dreamed up and created by holistic health / business coach and speaker Lois Grasso.  She is also the founder and director of the non-profit OxyGenesis Institute in Hartford, CT, official sponsor of the cruise.  The first cruise-based Transformational Vacational was The Holistic Community Cruise Into Mayan Country 2012, a great success with 20 speakers and 222 group members on the roster.

The November, 2013 cruise-conference featured 21 speakers, many offering multiple programs. Continuing education credit was provided for nurses by American Holistic Nurses Association and for Mental Health Professionals by the Association for Comprehensive Energy Psychology.

With 20+ years business experience, particularly in marketing, sales and advertising, Lois was the Publisher & Chief Editor of The Self-Health Networker, a monthly news-magazine serving CT and surrounding areas, from 1991–1998. She has been in private practice in Hartford, CT, since February, 2001. Certified in Transformational Breathing, Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT), Cranial Temple Activation, Psych-K and Reverse Therapy, she works with clients on a variety of levels, including personal, relationship, family and business-related issues.

As a Holistic Health Coach since 2001, she has assisted thousands toward the realization of their dreams. For many, this included deep emotional clearing and the elimination of self-limiting belief patterns. For some, the dream was to become an entrepreneur or promote an already existing business or practice. Visit www.loisgrasso.com for more info.

Excited by the possibility of impacting larger segments of the population vicariously through other brilliant leaders, Lois is now focusing more attention on Mission-based Business Branding & Coaching. Her experience, expertise and talent in sales, marketing, business-model development, promotional writing, book titling, graphic design, web presence and presentation skills development is being passionately applied to a select few Consciously Evolving Leaders, whom she feels ought to share their wisdom far and wide.

An authentic and engaging communicator, Lois travels internationally to deliver workshops and trainings on a wide variety of health, business, and conscious evolutionary topics.

*The OxyGenesis Institute is a non-profit 501c3 United Charitable Program. Visit www.oxygenesis.org for more information.

Elizabeth Comeau Skybound MediaElizabeth Comeau

Graphic Designer & Copy Editor

“Liz” is responsible for designing our promotional materials, banner ads, and the homepage of our website. She was an extraordinarily talented website designer/creator from the very beginning when she designed the OxyGenesis Institute’s website from scratch in 2001. Working with photoshop, InDesign html and other programs, she can design a spectacular visual for the site, while keeping in mind the latest SEO and internet marketing strategies. In addition, and perhaps more uniquely, her promotional writing and conceptual skills are exceptional, and a critical element of success for any website. She recently co-founded Skybound Media with her son Alex, who specializes in SEO and other internet marketing techniques.

Glenda Christiaens, Ph.D., RN, AHN-BC

Director of Programs & Continuing Education

President of the American Holistic Nurses Association and a board-certified Advanced Holistic Nurse, Glenda is also the former Dean of Nursing at Fortis College in Salt Lake City, Utah, and former host of the Glenda the Good Nurse talk radio show.

For 10 years prior to her position at Fortis, Glenda was a tenured associate professor of nursing at Brigham Young University in Provo, Utah. While there, she developed a holistic nursing course and taught community health nursing and health assessment.

Glenda’s Master’s Degree in Community Health Nursing is from the University of Utah and her Doctorate in Nursing is from Oregon Health and Science University. Glenda embraces a truly holistic approach to health, healing, and education, with a focus on stress management, relaxation and a positive outlook on life. She lives in Utah with her husband, Steve. They are the parents of 4 and grandparents of 7.

We are very fortunate to have Glenda the Good Nurse on board, in charge of program scheduling, speaker relations, the continuing education program, and as a speaker as well!


Suzanne Schevene, LMT

Assistant Cruise Director

Suzanne’s passion is helping others live more joyfully, and more soulfully, fully engaged with life and with the world around them. She’s been in the wellness field for over 20 years studying bodywork, energy work, aromatherapy, evolutionary coaching and leadership.

In one thin slice of her life she is a student  (always), a practitioner, an instructor, a mentor, an author and has a line of Aromatherapy. Since 2000, she’s taught workshops and professional trainings helping others integrate heart and practical energy practices, both in healing and personal empowerment modalities.

Her love of travel brought her to us. Her desire to further holistic health and wellness with an organization that walks its talk and lives in integrity cinched the deal for her. And both her degree in Business Administration and her ongoing studies of conscious business excited us. Happily, we’re finding her to be a great addition to the team.

Valued for her compassion, enhanced by her healing background and emphasizing quality of touch and connection, empowerment and presence, Suzanne  offers a gentle doorway into the deeper exploration of your truer self. More about her work can be found at http://www.awakening-essence.com.

“My biggest vision is to live in a state where possibilities are a given and deeper levels of care, connection, creativity and well-being are a natural way of life organically bringing out the best in each of us. This stems from our deep inner urge to awaken, connect and live our most empowered life as who we truly are – beings that are gracious & strong, peaceful & courageous, joyful & engaged, humble & brilliant, authentic & deeply real.”